Worst Day Ever?

Worst Day Ever?


Oh hi there. Wow I haven't uploaded here in SIX MONTHS. Let's change that.

All of May has been pretty rough for me, if you watch the video I put up on my youtube channel you'll get the nitty gritty of WHY. Some bad luck and some bad timing. Yesterday was definitely one that was frustrating, upsetting and made me want to give up and feel sorry for myself. Rather than let that happen, and let those feelings creep in, I decided to turn it into a video opportunity situation that's (hopefully) fun to watch and has a good moral.


Yesterday morning I woke up in a panic bc I felt I needed to fix something for my company, as I sat down to deal with that, I heard something scratching in my office. I started investigating to figure out if there was a wild animal, or one of my own animals rustling around. I finally found my teddy bear hamster, Olivera, behind the giant white dresser in my office that I use to store all of my "give away" makeup & extra makeup. She looked tired, defeated and scared. So I immediately switched gears to mom mode. Nothing was working to get her out, so I realized I needed to tip the dresser forward. Well this was super hard bc the dresser is SO HEAVY. It was teetering forward and back and had it gone back towards the wall, it would have crushed Olivera. I was at the end of my capabilities to hold and balance this thing, I was a mess and crying, and she still wasn't getting out from behind the dresser. FINALLY, I got her out, but now all of the contents that were on top of the dresser were on the ground, a lot of the items were broken. Needless to say my office is a MESS. But then my day kept going downhill... 

I decided to take my day back and make something out of it. So I sat down at my filming desk to put makeup on so I could film a video I haven't had time to film for weeks. I was trying to be good, stick to my diet and go grab a protein shake. Well, I didn't put the cap back on between sips and I went to shake the protein shake and it went EVERYWHERE. Which is what these pictures are from LOL. I looked around for a second, protein shake in my ear, in my hair on EVERYTHING, even all over the carpet and I was just contemplating my life's decisions, trying to figure HOW TF that just happened. A little thing you probably don't know about me, BUT I have always been the one to leave caps lose and not on super well. Ryan would always get so annoyed with me on that one, but honestly, I can't blame him. I hope that what happened yesterday as FIXED this little quirk. In my video, I did a fun little cleaning time lapse. I don't know why those are so satisfying, but they are. Enjoy.

Moral: there is always someone going through something WAY worse than you, so don't waste too much time taking yourself seriously, feeling bad for yourself or being pissed. Laugh, deal with the situation and be grateful for what you DO have and for things that HAVEN'T happened to you. It's not always easy to do, I wouldn't say that I'm the most positive person ever, but I do try to focus on positive things. Sometimes, I have those days where I need to feel bad for myself for a little bit, so I do that, waste a little time, and then get back to appreciating what I have. When life gives you lemons, make some shitty lemonade out of it! It might be shitty, but at least you did something with the lemons, ya know??

The mirror on my desk is from Impressions Vanity - Code KRISTEN to save 

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