Wonderful Dinner in Dallas! | Review (Dalls, Texas)

Town Hearth (1-10)
Cleanliness: 10
Decor: 9
Friendliness of staff: 10
Taste of Food: 10
Vegetarian options: 10
My Yelp Review

All was not lost in Dallas with our first dining experience in Dallas, that same night, we had an AMAZING dinner/experience at Town Hearth! We had a super rad waitress who knew the menu like the back of her hand. She made wonderful suggestions and even offered to split up our onion soup, which we really appreciated. Where to start with this place, everything was just top notch.

I found this restaurant on Yelp, the place was hardly able to be seen from the outside. It almost reminded me of a speakeasy. Even when our Lyft driver dropped us off, he was surprised there was a restaurant inside! The decor was the coolest. There was a GIANT fish tank in the center of the large dining room. It had a large (probably 6ft) submarine inside along with some super large fish. The walls were adorned with Steve McQueen posters and old photos. There were giant crystal chandeliers hanging throughout the dining area, hanging at different lengths.

The menu was HUGE and so good! A great variety, whatever you were craving, they had something for you. We had some hamachi for an appetizer, we also got the corn side, the mac n cheese side, creamed spinach side and I also got an onion soup. This onion soup was just…wow SO GOOD. I even finished my friend Amanda’s leftovers! Our waitress was exceptional. She was so friendly, so helpful and knowledgeable about the menu. She made us feel so welcome, we had a fabulous time. I can’t wait to go back next time I’m in Dallas! I highly suggest you check it out if you’re ever in the area! Have you ever dined here?! Let me know below in the comments!

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  1. Elizabeth
    January 30, 2018 / 7:02 AM

    Sounds AMAZING, love the photos as well!!! Fantastic review!!!

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