Surprise Trip | Guadalupe Valley, Mexico

Surprise Trip | Guadalupe Valley, Mexico

Well, hello 2020. It’s been a while on the blog, Fam! WELP, a lot has happened since I wrote a blog post last… I have moved to Nashville TN, I have a new boyfriend. If you wanna get up to speed, check out this update video here. I am also getting a breast augmentation, that was meant to be done March 6th, but I ended up switching doctors last minute. There’s a video all about that here

Now that we’re all caught up, let’s begin (and get into the review of the place we went to!). Nick loves to surprise me in any way he can, which I love. For Valentine’s Day, he told me he wanted to take me on a trip and to bring my passport, a bathing suit and a couple of nicer outfits for dinner. Of course I was curious where we were going, but hey, I like surprises too so I didn’t wanna spoil it for myself. As we headed down south (to Guadalupe Valley, Mexico as it turns out!), he pulled off the side of the road and found us a cool spot to take a picture, which he’s really good at actually!

For all of the photos I take, I use this tripod & this remote from Amazon! I get asked all the time who I rope into taking all of these pics for me, these are the items responsible! 

This road basically led to nothing. I had to pee (and so did Nick) so he found this gem of a spot. Not only great for peeing, but also taking stellar photos. 

After about a 2.5 drive from San Diego, we arrived in Guadalupe Valley, Mexico! Which I had never even heard of until I met Nick. It’s an awesome place in Mexico that is FULL of very cool, very unique restaurants and wineries! Communication there can be tricky at some places if you don’t know enough Spanish to get by. Thankfully, Nick knows a bit of Spanish and I know a tiny bit, but even with that, it was very hard to communicate effectively with some people there. We NEED to get going on Rosetta Stone with how often we visit Mexico!

We pulled into Hotel Agua De Vid. It is BEAUTIFUL. The lobby / restaurant have such a cool design with old car parts hanging. It is very rustic. 

We got to Agua De Vid on a Monday, and apparently on their “off” season. Seems like this time of year (Feb) is the “off” season for the entire Guadalupe Valley, bc almost every single winery or restaurant we visited during our time here was closed. We were told that “high season” is the summer, which I feel like would be almost TOO hot?? The concierge took us to a room with two beds, which isn’t what Nick booked. So while they sorted that out, we wandered around Agua De Vid to explore. None of the water was filled up, as you can see in the photo above, which was kind of a bummer. We were taken to our room, which was really cool! All of their rooms were made from storage containers, which we love. In front of each room is a small garden which they use in their restaurant. I have always appreciated the farm to table concept.

Later that night, we even tried to find the hot tub, which is listed as an amenity, but it was covered and freezing cold, so that was a bummer. The rooftop restaurant and the bar were closed as well, which was disappointing.

The next morning we had chilaquiles for breakfast, which we found out randomly was included with our stay which was great. After breakfast, we went to the spa, as a couple’s massage was included with our stay/package. Unfortunately, there were zero amenities available to us at the spa, even though it listed quite a few on their website. Were they all closed since it was “off-season”? We don’t really know since we couldn’t really ask anyone since we can’t speak Spanish fluently. Even the showers were not available after the massage, which was odd. I went to take one in the room, and I couldn’t get the water to warm up. It would have been less expensive to purchase a massage solo rather than in the package, which we thought was really odd. That was frustrating since zero amenities were even available to us, and if we had known that, Nick would not have spent extra money buying the “package + all-day spa access”. 

We had an awesome time in Gaudalupe Valley, however we weren’t super impressed with the treatment we received at Agua De Vid. I think they should just close entirely on their off-season rather than offering the type of experience we got. Nick tried to talk to the front desk about all of the above and the disappointment but because of the communication barrier, that didn’t get us very far, the front desk host just kind of laughed and shrugged nervously. I’d love to see this place in the summer, it is beautiful and truly cool, but because of the treatment we received when we were there, I don’t think we would ever stay there again. 

We do have a trip to La Cima planned this summer for a friend’s birthday party, so we’ll have another shot at seeing the valley in full swing! We took a trip over to La Cima to check it out while we were in the area, the host there spoke really great English and even offered to give us a tour of the place which was really nice of her. It looks awesome! We look forward to visiting Guadalupe Valley again!




  1. Louise Sharpy
    March 7, 2020 / 8:54 PM

    Thanks for posting. I love going by reviews and I wish everyone would do them! I’m so glad he is a fun guy for you ! So romantic. Even peeing on the road , now Thats love

    • kristenleanne
      March 8, 2020 / 2:34 PM

      <33 Thanks girl! Glad you enjoyed it :) thanks for always being so supportive of everything I do. You're the best. Nick is pretty amazing, I'm one lucky girl!

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