Some April Favs

I cannot believe it’s already APRIL! I will forever be trying to figure out how to slow life down, while still staying busy. haha, that’s a hard one I guess…I have not been Youtubing, or blogging much recently. I haven’t really had time. We’re hiring at Arctic Fox Hair Color and it’s been VERY busy, it’s really been consuming most of my time. Growing pains, which I am grateful for! We’ve been wearing so many hats at AF for so, so long that it’s AMAZING to be able to hire other talented people to work on your passion with you. With that being said, as soon as these new people are in place, I’ll be back at it full time. I have also adopted a few animals and I am excited to get those videos up on my Pet Channel!

Below are some cool items I collected and put together, some of my April favorites!

LMK in the comments if you wanna see some hauls…tonight I just spent way too much money on a website I hadn’t heard of until tonight!




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  1. Bonnie Atrian
    April 14, 2018 / 12:45 AM

    That skirt and the blue dress are so cute. Im glad you are back love your blog.

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