My FAV Labor Day Weekend Sale Items!

It’s Labor Day weekend…you know what that means? A long ass weekend 😍, extra time to drink too many Coronas, friends, family, food and LOTS OF SALES! I honestly didn’t even know it was Labor Day until I met with my marketing & social team from Arctic Fox Hair Color and they proposed a sale. 😅 I feel like the last few weeks have REALLY flown by. Anyways, I thought it would be fun to go personal shopping for you guys and create a collage of some items that are on an AWESOME sale, that really stand out to me. There are price ranges for everyone,unless you were planning on spending $1000 on a dress (no judgement) but you wont find many designer price tags today.

None of the items I’ve chosen require a code, the discount is automatic, cha-ching!

1) GAH I love me some faux fur coats!! I honestly don’t trust myself around them ESPECIALLY when they’re 50 friggin percent off. This bad boy was $90 and is now $45. I am loving this super unique emerald green shade too. Pop this sucker on with some electric green (or blue) smoked winged liner and psh. Pff. Yeah…smooth sailing.

2) I love earrings and you know what I love more than just earrings? FUN unique earrings. I promise if you wear these out, (please wear them with the faux fur coat above!) you will get AT LEAST one compliment and that person will ask you where you got them.

3) This bag is gorgeous. It is a unique shape, and I love the usage of studs. I also love that the hardware is a gorgeous gold tone. It also comes in a cool maroon shade.

4) I’ve been really into fiddle caps. I like the brand Brixton for two reasons: 1) that’s my rabbit’s name 2) they seem to always fit my tiny child-sized head bc they offer multiple sizes.

5) Not much to say about this choker besides it’s unique and FRIGGIN CUTE AS HECK. I also promise you’ll find so many other items on this site that you’ll love. I shop on it super often.

6) Off the shoulder tops! With fall breathing down our necks, it’s a great time to invest in some sexy off the shoulder tops with long sleeves. Love the bow addition on this one.

7) These gold earrings remind me of Taylor Swift in the best way!

8) Beetlejuice ain’t got NOTHIN’. I need this top in my wardrobe RN.

9) Typically I’m not someone who likes to drop too many tacos on sunglasses, but these are like none I’ve seen before. So I approve.

10) This one piece needs no introduction. It’s awesome.

11) I always gravitate towards gingham pieces. Especially dresses. I always feel very feminine and pretty in them. They’re casual, without being too casual and they’re also cute enough to be dressed up with high heels too.

12) Who doesn’t love a hot pink, flashy mini dress?

13) Plaid shirt jacket. I always dig a plaid shirt that fits well. They look really cute without trying too hard. If you spill and stain them, it rarely even shows. Which is good for me, I literally just retired THREE white tee shirts to the gym clothes drawer bc I spilled something on them.  I need to eat and drink with a bib to be honest. Maybe I’ll add a cool bib to my wishlist. 😂

14) Pom Pom Tote + pink, I’m in. I am taking my mom to Mexico for her birthday in October and this will go really well next to the turquoise water. I needs it.

15) Pink glitter sneakers for the win. These are so fun. You can wear these with pretty much everything you currently own, or will own in the near future.

16) I’m really into this peachy nude dress. It’s feminine, form-fitting and sexy.

17) A cotton and linen blend dress is always a nice addition to the closet. It’s cute, it’s comfy to wear, you don’t have to worry about your food baby showing (which I love).

18) Llama slip ons!!!!! Need I say more though honestly?

19) Love the shade of this ruffle dress, it’s also under $30, score.

20) My appreciation for this oversized bow slip-on shoe was created by my friend Aspyn Ovard. She often wears a similar (if not the same) pair and they look good and work with EVERYTHING. Buy them.

21) At only $18, this bag is AWESOME. It comes in multiple shades, one of which is a mustard shade, LURVE. It’s a graceful (but affordable) nod to a certain super popular Chanel bag, that’s about…. $1000 more expensive.


I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend! Throw one back for me! Leave me a comment if you enjoy this type of post and I’ll do more of them!


Kristen Leanne


  1. Lindsey
    August 30, 2018 / 10:51 PM

    I love this! Is it weird to wear llama slip ons with the Lacey peach dress? Whatever I’m into it.

    • kristenleanne
      September 2, 2018 / 5:07 PM

      Not weird at allllll. You could literally wear them with anything!

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